Republicans, Democrats and Independents Agree:


What matters is the person, not the party!

Kathy Knecht, Independent  

The goal of ending the status quo in Arizona politics is as timely and as critical as ever.  I want to extend my longtime service to our community and repair some of the damage done to public education, local control, and voters' rights in Arizona. I intend to run as an independent and maintain my reputation as a leader who puts people and doing the right thing first. As the saying goes, "insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results."  Well, the Northwest Valley has elected the same people, answering to the same special interest groups and touting the same agenda.  Unless and until we change the legislature, we won't change the trajectory of our state:  a teacher crisis, corruption, ignoring local control by bullying cities and towns into submission, and hyper-partisanship which ends in either extreme legislation or gridlock.

Our campaign is neither obsessed with “keeping the West Valley red,” nor “turning the West Valley blue.”  Our vision is so much bigger and better than that: a representative state government that answers to the people, not a political party and not out-of-state special interest groups.  Imagine the freedom to just do the right thing!  I do all the time.

Our agenda is future-focused.  It’s not about pandering until the next election cycle.  We can work together to improve our quality of life today, AND create a legacy of prosperity, health and empowerment for ourselves and our grandchildren.  

I respect and admire plenty of partisans, but let’s be honest.  I don’t know many everyday people that are thrilled with everything their party has done, or everyone their party has promoted over the past several years.  This is my Declaration of Independence:  Vote for character and ideas instead of party.  You’re allowed to, you know; this is America.  It’s as radical an idea as the idea of America itself.  


Republican?  Democrat?  Yes, you can vote for an independent!  This is America!

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I care about people. And, I'm disgusted by "politics as usual." My longtime, non-partisan service on the Peoria School Board and a variety of non-profit boards has rewarded me with the opportunity to serve students and teachers; military families; arts, civic and leadership development organizations; seniors; victims of domestic violence and local businesses.

Let’s change the status quo!

I would love to meet with you and your friends! I’ll even bring the cookies and the coffee. Please call me to chat or to set up a gathering.

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Make no mistake. This is a local election, but the stakes are high for all of Arizona. We welcome support from across our great state!