Kathy is incredibly proud to have the support of such influential community leaders. Check out what they have to say about why Kathy Knecht should be elected to Arizona Senate for LD21!


Sharon Wolcott, Mayor of Surprise

"Kathy is an advocate for West Valley families."

Thomas Jefferson said, "The government closest to the people, serves the people best." When Kathy Knecht says she believes in smaller government and local control, she means it. She knows that the will of local communities should be respected by state government.  That's why she'll be a great advocate for West Valley citizens in the Arizona State Senate.

Lana Mook, Mayor of El Mirage

"She has first hand knowledge of what is important."

Kathy has been a leader in the West Valley for two decades.  Her resume of community service is unmatched. She's held key positions in non-profit management and in local, non-partisan government.  Those experiences provide first hand knowledge of what is important to the people in our cities. She will represent us well in the Arizona Senate.




Bob Barrett, Former Mayor of Peoria

"Kathy is a champion for local control."

Kathy Knecht has a mind of her own and a heart for community. She’ll work for us, like she always has.  She doesn’t just give lip-service to local control; she’s a true champion. She respects our city officials and the people who elected them, because big government does not know better.


Kenneth Weise, Mayor of Avondale

"She puts people before politics."

Kathy Knecht has always put her community first, people before politics is her philosophy, and a philosophy we can all get behind. Isn't it time for a leader to do what the people demand, isn't it time for a leader who has her pulse on the community, and isn't it time for a leader who cares more about people than headlines. Isn't it time for Kathy Knecht?


Denton Santarelli Ed.D, Retired Superintendent and Education Consultant

"Kathy is an outspoken advocate for the community."

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures! Kathy Knecht is the right person at the right time to lead Legislative District 21 in the Senate. Her track record demonstrates a life-long commitment to supporting our schools, communities and State. She is an outspoken advocate for young people and is passionate about the role that quality schools play in the economic health of our cities and towns. Kathy rises above the status-quo of partisan politics and can effectively work towards consensus and collaboration. Join me in support of Kathy Knecht for Senate.


Don Covey, Former Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools

"She is willing to stand up for what is right."

As former Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, I’ve seen Kathy Knecht’s leadership in action.  She understands that Arizona must do better for teachers and kids or our economy and quality of life will suffer. Her dedication to all students and schools is unmatched.  She’s willing to speak out and stand up for what’s right for kids and communities 100% of the time. She won’t play political games with our children’s education or the future of Arizona.




Ron Drake, Former Mayor of Avondale

"Kathy cares about doing the right thing."

I think Kathy Knecht would make an excellent Senator for LD21.  Kathy is a person that has that “it” factor. She is the kind of person that has the good qualities of leadership, but what makes her so special is she has the next level of skills.  Kathy cares. Kathy cares that the right thing is done, not just something is done. District 21 would be lucky to Kathy Knecht as their Senator.

Image 6-27-18 at 9.41 AM copy.jpeg

W. John Williams, Board Member, Arizona School Boards Association

"She is a leader with confidence."

Courage can be displayed in many ways, in all kinds of situations, even in a boardroom. I’ve witnessed Kathy Knecht vote no against a large, influential group, in favor of the future of our children. This takes leadership and confidence which will serve her well in the Arizona Senate. Kathy is a strong advocate for kids and adults. Vote for Kathy Knecht for Arizona State Senate!   


Roberta Voss, Former Arizona State Representative

"Kathy will focus on what benefits all of Arizona."

When Kathy Knecht announced she was entering the legislative race in LD 21, I was enthusiastic and ready to support her effort. I know this community well, and I want to see strong, independent leadership there. Kathy asks questions and educates herself about the issues important to her neighbors, residents and business owners in the area.  Her commitment to putting people first and working hard is exactly what the state legislature needs.  She's not into win/lose scenarios.  She'll focus on what benefits all of Arizona and especially her district.


Bridget Binsbacher, Peoria City Council

"Kathy has twelve years experience in quality local government."

Bridget Binsbacher.jpg

There is something unique about governing on a local level that is often missing in state government.  It is that ability to focus on the needs of neighbors and community members, and the issues that we all share in common instead of the politics that divide us.  Kathy Knecht has twelve years experience in quality local governance.  She is well-practiced at putting our common interests first.  She'll be an excellent State Senator.