Kathy’s Key Positions

Exemplify government of the people, for the people, by the people

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I am an independent thinker, determined to represent all the stakeholders in our state and legislative district. I believe that true power rests with the people. (And, that the people should not rest!)

I am a long-time public servant and volunteer with deep roots in the West Valley. I have worked as a non-profit director, as an elected school board member and has served many non-profit boards and service groups in the community. I do not make deals or do favors in exchange for influence and I don't take campaign contributions in exchange for pushing bad policy. I believe in doing the right thing. I answer to the people, not a political party and not to outside special interests.



  • Make education a priority - By fixing teacher shortages and increasing per-pupil spending. State funding in 2018 is 19% below what is was in 2008.  See the graph here.

  • Restore Funding and work to ensure that the obligations of the state aren’t shifted onto local property taxpayers. Funding for education is still below 2008 levels! The state's failure to fund capital expenses for maintenance and repairs of schools threatens property values in neighborhoods and forces local communities to pass bonds to sustain the quality of their schools.  

  • Reject privatization of schools - Tax dollars should be spent in schools that are transparent and accountable. Privatization means education for profit, and turns kids into commodities.

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Jobs and the Economy

  • In order to build a strong Arizona, we must create a healthy business environment that attracts 21st-century jobs such as the technology industry. Further, the growth of the tech industry in the West Valley will attract young adults seeing high-paying jobs, which will support our tax base and fortify Social Security and Medicare.

  • As a former member of two local Chambers of Commerce, I know that we must improve our education system in order to attract young families to the West Valley and create a future workforce that can compete on a global scale.


Water and The Environment

  • Arizona is facing a severe drought.  Policy decisions must be based on long-term trends, not annual weather occurrences. We need to have honest, politically uncomfortable conversations about water usage and have the courage to propose real solutions.

  • Kathy believes climate and the environment should be a higher priority in the State Legislature.

  • The urban heat island, a rising heat-index, and risk of drought across the state pose a real and severe threat to our health, quality of life, property values, tourism and our economy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/national/climate-environment/climate-change-america/?noredirect=on

Red areas are those in which the average temperatures have risen the most above normal.

Red areas are those in which the average temperatures have risen the most above normal.


  • Kathy supports the investment in Veterans Benefit Counselors.  More VBCs  will help veterans thrive and bring federal benefits back to AZ at 10x the rate of investment.  

  • Kathy wants real, practical support for veterans. Veterans commit suicide 391% more than non veterans in Arizona. The nationwide rate for veterans is 38 suicides per 100,000, compared with Arizona's 55.

  • Kathy thinks that homeless veterans are a national tragedy, and will work to find solutions.

  • Kathy is a lifetime member of the Blue Blazers, which is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting airmen and women, their families and the mission of Luke AFB.



  • Kathy will collaborate with state leaders and agencies to end the opioid crisis.

  • She supports the Federal Medicaid Expansion which brings millions of dollars into Arizona and benefits more than 400k low income Arizonans, seniors, veterans, children and disabled citizens. Loss of Federal matching funds would mean more uninsured in AZ and increasing costs for the insured. 

  • Arizona's senior healthcare is in decline as reported by United Healthcare. Kathy will work to reverse that trajectory.

Public Safety

  • As an elected school board member, Kathy was (and is) steadfastly committed to ensuring the safety of students on school campuses.  

  • Kathy believes that we can protect the rights of law-abiding citizens who use guns for self-defense and sport, and also keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and disturbed individuals. She will work with leaders from both sides of the aisle to restore Arizonan’s sense of freedom and safety.



  • Kathy will work to restore ethics and integrity to Arizona government which was ranked “most corrupt legislature” in a 2014 Harvard Study.

Local control

  • Kathy will not interfere with municipal and school district issues or elections.  Let those we elect on the local level to do the jobs we elected them to do.

  • Kathy will not bully cities or city leaders into submission with political threats, sanctions or sweeps.


Immigration (is a federal issue)

  • Secure borders are a necessity and Arizona is required to enforce federal laws related to immigration.  Our National Guard is at the disposal of the federal government.  State government should be providing data from the state and constituencies along the border to our Congressional Delegation, which is responsible for immigration and border security. If the federal government is asking Arizona to provide services, Arizona should be compensated.  Because AZ is a border state, our state leaders should leverage their influence with members of congress and work with state law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border, exchanging technologies and information that will make the border and the surrounding communities safer.

  • We must recognize the economic opportunities that exist for tourism; research and development; and commerce across the AZ/Sonora border. AZ does $15B in trade with Mexico every year. Arizona has much to gain if we can streamline legal cross-border trade and facilitate legal border crossing for tourists. The Arizona Mexico Commission has laid the groundwork for much communication, collaboration and cooperation.  


  • Kathy is a defender of taxpayers. As a plaintiff in the current school capital funding case, she is working to ensure that the state meets its constitutional obligation to fund facilities so that the tax burden is not shifted onto local property taxpayers.

Family Issues

  • The Arizona Department of Child Welfare needs to be a higher priority so that abused and neglected children can be rescued from dangerous situations and be placed in permanent, safe, nurturing environments.

  • Kathy has served on the executive board of a domestic violence shelter and is a strong advocate for women and families.

  • As the mother of two very successful young women, and a 15 year Girl Scout Leader, Kathy has been dedicated to empowering women and girls to be themselves, assert their rights, follow their dreams, and find their voices in society.